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Ayla Networks is pioneering the initiative to take Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like to the next generation of IoT-led operational excellence. We’re doing this by focusing on transforming the quality and reliability of service operations for ISPs by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning on-device data.

Why? The cost of customer support & service. ISPs are fielding more support calls and rolling more trucks to address consumer devices’ connectivity and performance than ever before – increasing costs and hurting the bottom line. Android, iOS, and other ecosystem updates can drive chronic issues that take months to identify and determine route cause.

As a  whose responsibilities include staying ahead of potential risks and opportunities with detailed real-time data, what are you doing about it?

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Then take a look through this smart eBook which has been customized specifically for and for your particular role as a . We outline some of the most common challenges faced by ISPs (like yourself), address specific needs, and the unique value that Ayla Networks brings to the table.

What motivated to start evaluating advanced analytics & AI/ML solutions?

The amount of revenue put toward operating expenses incurred due to increased service calls, truck rolls, and support.

The ISP Challenge

ISPs are surviving, not thriving. The average number of internet-connected devices in the home has increased over threefold in the last decade. TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablet computers, gaming consoles, and more are all competing for limited bandwidth in the home, resulting in overloaded gateways and other customer premises equipment (CPE).

Because of this it is estimated that an average large ISP incurs operating expenses of ~2% of revenues related to service calls, truck rolls, and support. Furthermore, ISPs are fielding more service calls than ever related to third-party OTT services and home devices, including many poorly designed and unsecured IoT devices, further eroding margins.

This poses a serious operational challenge for ISPs in a highly competitive, price-sensitive market. The following sections present some specific needs that you likely have in your role as a – and the kinds of solutions to those needs that Ayla Networks provides.

Your Specific Needs

Looking at most ISPs what we see is that the data to make the decisions exists, and the systems and processes to drive business value are mostly in place. So the question is; why are so many ISPs providing a sub-optimal product and more to deliver it?

The answer is that driving value from the data is complex, it is not just a case of data science or the right processes and integrations. It takes 4 streams working in concert: Technology, Domain Expertise, Data Science, and Remediation Implementation.

In your role as a , it’s up to you to analyze the real-time data coming from home networks, consumer premise equipment (CPE), call centers, & more to make informed business decisions that will remediate performance issues and enhance customer experience.

Facing a list of needs like this, and knowing that you have to get it right every time, the question becomes this: What solution covers all these needs and gives you the confidence in your role that is in safe hands? The answer is Ayla Networks.

must ensure all 4 streams are working in concert…


Processing the amount of data that comes from home networks in a timely manner to make it worthwhile.

Domain Expertise

Data that needs to be crossed with individuals who deeply understand the domain, whether it be in a network, call center, or home network.

Data Science

Asking the domain experts the right questions and driving higher-resolution information from the data.

Remediation Implementation

Collect customer-premises equipment data, network element data, and call center data to identify & remediate performance issues that can disrupt the customer experience.

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Rapid Time-To-Value

An average of less than three months is all the time it takes to build the data-management pipeline, analyze the data, and generate insights.

Agnostic, Future-Proof Operation

TransformAI works across any broadband device and network type, including any new devices a customer may later add.

High Business Impact

TransformAI leverages analytics to increase an ISP’s revenue per user (ARPU), enhance customer experience (CX), and expand margins.

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Our Advanced Analytics & AI/ML Solution

The barrier to improving customer support has been ISPs lack of visibility into the devices connected to their networks – both their own equipment and consumer IoT devices.

Recognizing this, Ayla IoT developed a powerful new analytics-based solution, TransformAI, which uses Ayla’s deep domain expertise to turn the vast amounts of data being gathered from gateways, routers, and other customer premises equipment (CPE) into actionable insights. It also uses machine-learning data models to detect network and performance anomalies like slow browse, router resets, sync-no-surf, and Wi-Fi authentication errors.

Ayla’s TransformAI solution replaces traditional service-provider tools, which typically cannot harness the value of data collected from ISP networks to address issues such as high customer churn and skyrocketing support & service costs. Ayla’s approach collects customer-premises equipment, network element, and call center data to identify, predict, and remediate performance issues that can disrupt the customer experience.

So as a , this means you can leverage Ayla’s TransformAI solution to identify, predict, and prevent key service issues in the home network that are major contributors to adverse experiences and high support & service costs.

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IoT Experience

Over the past decade, Ayla Networks has developed best in class cloud-based platforms and solutions that are focused on rapid time-to-market, depth of experience, and flexibility and scalability to uniquely address the business needs of the consumer (smart home), enterprise/commercial, and telco/ISP markets.

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